Horsin' Around
America's Carousel Carving School
             302 Walmart Dr
            Soddy Daisy, TN
This is Bud and his new wife Judy.  They were married on May 28, 2004 at the carousel! 

The shop is out back of their house.  Bud is a retired art teacher who has a real gift for teaching.
Special commision Percheron War Horse in the shop
A special order Percheron for a Medievel Castle.  Real armor is being made to fit over the horse.  Note the heads in different stages along the top.
Dan - a first time carver

Some of the armor on the horse, the horses noseguard on Bud, Mike with his own custom made Breastplate!
This is Mike's helmet.  It is REAL heavy!

Below is a Lihorster.  Horse body, lion head and rooster tail.  We never have any fun around here!  Steve from California is holding the tail.
Lihorster - Lion head, Horse body, Rooster tail
Justin holding his horse still while Bud drills a hole for the tail!  OUCH!
Peering out the Garage door!
Trojan Clydesdale!
Another commissioned work was a full size Clydesdale Stallion.  We never did get him all put together, but he was 9' 3" to the tip of his ears!!  Bud is resting in the lower half of his body!
Life size Clydesdale 1/2 in foreground, 1/2 in back
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