Julie Caton - of Caton's Capers

I grew up in Astoria, Oregon.  I graduated from Astoria High and went on to get an AS degree in Livestock Technology.  My first job was a paper route when I was 9.  Work has consisted of store clerk, groomer and Veterinary assistant / office manager.  Most recently, since March 1998, I have been traveling around the country with my mom as her caretaker and traveling
companion.  We have seen some awesome country and met lots of really great people.  Soon we will be settling down to a "fixed location" somewhere in western Washington near some water.  I have been collecting elongated coins (you know, those souvenir pennys that you smash the designs on?) along the way and many of them are listed on a webpage.  For the last couple years we have been hanging around the Chattanooga, Tennessee area while I learned to carve.  I attended "Horsin' Around" America's only Carousel Carving School.  I carved a full size (almost life size) Arabian horse in costume and a Silverback Gorilla.  I also love to cross stitch, birdwatch, and dabble in all kinds of stuff including webpages!  Check out my webpages if you have the time.  Most of them are very picture dense and may take a while to load.  Course what's the sense of having a webpage if I can't show you what I am talking about?!!

As of 2012, I am still living in the RV, where I have spent the last 7 years working full time as a medical transcriptionist.  In September 2009, Mom moved into a retirement community, where she is having fun playing bingo, cards, and being well known for the best decorated room and tree for Christmas!   In April of 2010, I adopted a retired racing greyhound and he is the joy of my life.  See his pics here. 

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