More pictures of the carving process.  The Romance side is nearly done!  Mostly just finishing work (sanding, tweaking) is left!  Hurray!!  I am very pleased with the way it is coming along!  Time goes on and my shoulder is getting better!  Time to start the other side!  By the way!  My Gorilla head is roughed out, and I cannot resist playing with it a little along the way!  See the pics here
Tass;es - Romance Side
Another small tweak was Bud's.  He didn't like the eyes.  He cut just a little bit from the corner and Voila!  A new horse!  Bud says he now has "soul"!  I am impressed again!
Now comes the priming and painting!!  Click here to see the next stage of my Horse!!

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Tassles to be Non-Romance side
making progress!
Block ready to be glued in.
I love the "movement" in the tassles!
In the above 4 pics, you can see a progression of the tassle making.  In the 3rd one, the block sitting on top at the left will become the bottom of the back 3 tassles.  Compare the last picture with the first one at the top of the page.  I have gotten better at tassle making, and the romance side looks dull in comparison! 
Notice the "pegged on tassle, added separately
The last tassle is being split over the front leg!
This picture is a little disorienting, as the body is upside down in a cradle.  Hard to see, but I had to add wood above the raised leg to fill in the "shoulder".  Then added more "chest" to round out the horse.   The rough areas are where I filled in with Tuf-Carve, a carvable putty. Though most of it is covered in tassles, you can see through the tassles, and the overall look is much nicer.
rounding out the split tassle to make it believable
I think this just might work!
Now the "srings" show some movement
The overall picture is very nice!
I am VERY happy with the overall picture!  It is coming together!  Little Alice is the first to ride my guy!
"Alice" 3 yr old daughter of a fellow carver is the first rider!
Now that I am happy with him the way I wanted to carve him, I am going to make him marketable to my target audience.  Since I figure that the ones most likely to buy him are Arabian Horse Breeders, I need to cater to them.  An Arabian horse in Native Costume class does not trot (his current pose).  They walk, canter and hand gallop.  I am changing his pose to a hand gallop!  I means changing his standing legs.  Just put your curser over the picture for the new look!