Welcome to my Carousel Gorilla webpage!!!  I am so excited to begin my second project!  Bud is also excited and so much so that the blueprints are done and the head is already roughed out!!  I have already carved his eyes in!  We had to add wood to get the ape nose/mouth correct.  Since the school has never done one before, there will be some trial and error as we go.           Last Updated  12-9-03   See Gorilla #2 for new pictures
Google eyes for a little humor!
Although this face is cute, it is not truly Gorilla in nature!  So, adding on the wood..........
I will probably be setting the eyes further back to put emphasis on the eye ridge, but for now, he is cute!
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Moving right along!  7-25-03  He now has a body and 2 legs!!  We are going to rough him out in total before starting to carve.  Basically, there is just hair to carve after the rough out.  He has no saddle or trappings to carve, so he should be simple.  (Please note that simple and easy are 2 different things entirely!! LOL!)  He is going to be a BRUISER!!
Here he is with all 4 feet on the ground.  He is massive!  Bud had decided that he will probably be to heavy to be a jumper on the carousel, so he will probably be a floor display.  That is alright with me, as long as he is associated with a carousel!  Perhaps we can lighten him by hollowing out his legs when he is done carving.  Bud has already roughed in the hair on the front leg!
I have taken off lots of wood!  Now he has a chest and pot belly like a gorilla instead of a bear!  I am working on his legs to make them like a gorilla as well.  For one, I took off the "hocks", because gorillas have knees like people.  I believe that enough wood will be removed to make him light enough to go on a carousel!
Above, the dark line indicates where the gorillas leg is, while the remainder will become belly.

There is always too much time on hand!  My gorilla got crossed with a baby Black Rhino and made this Rhinorilla!
Google eyes
Notice the added jowls