Welcome to Julie's Carousel Carving Website!  I have included pictures of my journey to carve my very first Carousel Horse.   His name is Kismet!  I have now finished  my second Carousel Animal - a Silverback Gorilla - "Nathan"
This is the drawing, by Bud Ellis of the proposed Gorilla!  It is the one which made me want to carve him!    See the carving process here:  Gorilla  /  Gorilla 2  /  Gorilla 3  /  Nathan
First Days of Carving  /  Legs  /  Tail  /  Body  /  Packed up  September  /  2nd Winter Carving  /  2nd Winter Page 2   /  Painting  /  Clearcoating  / 
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Well, here it is!  He is finished!  The picture on the left is the model about 10" high.  The picture on the right is my horse carved in wood.  I changed him from a trot to a hand gallop, and he is 6' 1" at the tips of his ears.  I am very pleased with the way he has turned out!!  I took him to the Arabian Nationals in Albuquerque, NM then the world's largest Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ.  He attracted a lot of attention!!  I also hade fun carving a full size Arabian horse head as a demonstration.  People were fascinated!  Take a look at the other pages to follow the journey of carving and painting this wonderful creature!!
His name is Kismet!
see finished pictures here
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