Roughed out with a chainsaw.  No Chisel marks of my own yet!
The roughed out head was waiting for me!  A chain saw gets it to this point.  Notice the joint along the top of the neck.  I will work first on the head.  The neck will come next!
Day 1 on the neck, just for a look!
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"Horsin Around" Carousel Carving School!
Day 12 Major Reconstruction
Day 12 "OFF with his ears!" They were too close and too low.  The head had to be turned, so wedges were added to the neck.
Day 24 Starting Mane Work
Day 27 Fixing a low spot by adding a block of wood
Day 4
Day 10
Day 16
Day 13
Head Study - lots of changes!  Now for the mane!
Day 28 - Can you feel the breeze?
Starting point
Day 37 sanded and ready to move on!
starting look, very flat uncarved
Day 37 lots of carving and sanding
Day 44 Nice Tassel!
Day 42 Filling in behind the head & + Tassels!
Day 44 Carving the tassels - Pretty Horse!
Big changes!  Filling in behind the head and adding tassels.  Minor changes really change the overall look.  Took just a little off the front of his eyeridge, he looks so much better! 
Carving in the forelock, and sculpting putty to fill in some places, and WOW!
I never realized how hard it is to "see" some things.  I have taken ears for granted!  How do you take out wood to make it look right?  It takes a lot of time, and patience from Bud, but it is coming along!! 
Day 50!
"No matter how well you carve, it will not get up and walk away....." Gary Beaver

"But you want to fool the viewer into thinking it might!"  Bud Ellis
Do dreams really come true?!
Click here for more leg pictures!!
Now we move on to the legs!  Trace the pattern, draw it out on the wood, cut out 2 pieces, glue them together, clamp and wait.  Add addtional wood where needed for muscles.  Then rough it out with a chain saw! Click on the pictures below  for addtional pages on Legs and the TAIL!!
Click here for pictures of progress on my tail!
My dream - to recreate this model horse and costume in wood.   This page shows the first stages of making my dream come alive!