I needed a project to work on while at the big Arabian shows, so I chose to do a life size head of an Arabian.  I wanted to work on one side at a time so that people could see the process from "rough" to finished.  I had several people stop by over the course of the 10 days in each show to watch the progress.  I named her Cassandra, and then found out that the picture I used as a pattern was "Gelgelah Albedeia"  She was the World Senior Champion Mare in 2003. 
Beautiful, large, kind eye
half and half
roughed out ears/head
note the thickness through out.
Prett much rough from the shop.  Bud put in the eyes.
mane cut in - lots of shaping going on
Would you believe someone actually asked while I was carving if the unpainted ear was made out of wood?

I am working to finish the other side now.
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side one primed and ready to paint!