Falling one body part at a time
Swan neck
One way to try was to hook the head over and hang on for dear life.  He actually slept that way for quite a while.  Gave me a crick in the neck just looking at him!
Here is what the front of the motorhome looked like before Theo's arrival.  After a few days, I introduced him to the chair to see if he would sleep in it.  He is bigger than he looks, or maybe not, but he gave it several really good tries. 
A friendly neighbor helped remove the chair, which created a lot more room.  As you can see from him standing there, it was still very crowded.  When I have to work, the chair takes up about half the space. 
I decided the thing to do was put in a platform or raised bed for him, to get him off the cold floor and also allow him to see out.  This would also create storage space underneath. 
Here are buttons to see more of Theo and his antics.