This Carousel Gorilla is now ready for his new home, where ever that may be!!  We are looking for someone to sponsor him on the Endangered Species Carousel that will be in the Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park!!  Or you may buy him for $5,000 or commision one like him!  Just email me!
If you are interested, sponsorships are $5,000 dollars and are tax deductable.  The sponsor gets a brass plaque on the carousel and gets to officially name the animal.  We will need sponsors for all the animals on the carousel.  Animals in the works are: Baby African Elephant, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Dolphin Moma and baby, Manatee, Baby Rhino, Moma and baby seals, Panda, Orca, Baby Giraffe, Big Horn Sheep, Snakes (2 snakes entwined to create a seat and hand holds, very cool!)  Frog, Sea Turtle and many others.  Please email me or call Horsin' Around at:
423-332-1111.     Back to top
This time I took lots of pictures before I clearcoated him.  He does not photograph nearly as well when he is shiny!  I wish we could leave him matte, but he needs the protection of the clearcoating.  He is just gorgeous!!
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Inscription in his belly