Carousel Carving has become a real passion with me!  As I relearn what I was taught on the horse, the gorilla is really coming alive.  When we doweled his head on, it got turned too much, so we repositioned it.  I also raised it up a bit at the same time which really added to his "gorillishness" I have the basic outline where I want it and Bud is helping put the hair on him.  Any comments, please let me know!  email me     New! Gorilla page 3!
Carving the hands and feet now.  I have a good pattern for the back feet.  The hands I have to go by feel.  It is hard to balance realistic with practical.  The hands have to hold the weight of the whole gorilla!
Like the rest of the him, the Gorilla's head has undergone dramatic change!  From a flat faced humanoid to a much more realistic gorilla!  What a difference the hair makes!!
Bruiser and Moma
There is nothing like a good self portrait!
Denise, a fellow student took some pictures with a real nice digital camera and emailed them to me!
I told the master that this was not a hands off project for him like my horse was.  I came back 2 days later and this is what I found.  This work is just one of the things that makes Bud the master!  This hair flows, has depth and is a work of art in itself!
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I like the expression in his eyes.  Not too cute, not too mean.
Last updated on: May 24, 2010