Caton's Capers
Coat Capers!

Here you will find examples of coats not quite finished.  Most are just awaiting trim.  Since the coats are made to order for size and trim choice, I do not have many on hand, but these are here for you to see what is available and to see them on different color hounds when I can find willing models!! 
A lovely blue corduroy that can be lined with either flannel,  fleece, or sherpa. 
A very pleasant brown/aqua plaid. 
A Navy, green, and red plaid.  Very handsome, very striking!
Tiger coat is  too small for Wells, but it does look good on a fawn dog!
On the Wild Side!  Tiger and Zebra stripes!  I understand that these are mostly for the girls, but I have not been able to get any girl models!!  Please give our boys a hand for being such good sports!!
Wells posing as ??
Theo posing as Theodora!