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Caton's Capers!
Coats, Collars, and more!

Handmade coats and martingale collars for greyhounds and other sighthounds.
Theo, head modeler and chief inspiration!
What is the more you ask?  We have teamed up with BleuDog to offer her hand crocheted doggie ear muffs!  For those times when the wind is howling and your pup is shaking his head, these handy ear muffs keep out the wind and the rain!  Theo is learning to ask for them when we are walking out on the Riverwalk! 
Theo in his Squirrel Coat
Actually martingale collars can be worn by any dog, but dogs with larger heads will need the addition of a buckle.  They are also called humane chokers.
Caton's Capers donates a portion of the proceeds to greyhound and other nonprofit animal rescue organizations. 
To place and order please email me